Strictly Business

Strictly Business: Small Businesses Are People Too

Written by Carol Wilder-Tamme

Friday, March 02, 2012 10:00 AM

Wilder-Tamme: Celebrating the years in Darien

Written by Carol Wilder-Tamme
Saturday, March 17, 2012 07:00 AM

As was mentioned in a previous column, the Darien Chamber is celebrating its 55th anniversary and so many business anniversaries will be highlighted in the coming months.

10 years

Strictly Business; Good Fun for Good Causes in Darien

Sampling fine wine and good food, enjoying the company of friends while supporting great causes — that will all happen at the seventh annual Darien Chamber Wine Tasting & Charity Auction.

Wilder-Tamme: ‘Serve it forth’ with friends, family, a thankful heart

Leader Keeps Darien Chamber Moving Forward

by Joseph Cole 05/31/11
Before Carol Wilder-Tamme took the top post, the Darien Chamber of Commerce was burning through presidents at a rate of about one every 18 months. Tamme found her niche and just passed her seventh year in the position.

“In that time, the job has changed so dramatically. When I came in everything was computerized, but the type of retail we had in Darien and the size of the retail district was miniscule. To keep everything fresh and up to pace in the chamber, we really had to make a lot of changes,” Tamme said in the quiet offices while May showers poured down outside.

Darien Kicks Off Sidewalk Sales

DARIEN, Conn. – Businesses are looking to boost their sales in the summer after a rough winter filled the streets with snow and made it difficult for people to go shopping. The annual Darien Sidewalk Sales and Family Fun Days will last three days all over town and will feature around 80 businesses, as well as entertainment.

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