Chowder Recipes ~ Chamber Chowder Challenge 2020

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The Chowder Challenge event, hosted by DEANE, Inc-Rooms Ever Lasting, had seven entries from our chamber members who each cooked up a special chowder for the group.

Every chowder  was different and delicious! Over 60 people attended and voted for their favorite entry. The “People’s Choice Awards” went to”

1st Place: Clear Clam Chowder-Kyle King -SIPSTIRS

2nd Place  Gregg Soltesz, Noble House & Pamela Kushner, HonorBound Foundation – 3B Chowder

3rd Place: GLUTEN FREE Bow Chicka Chow Chowder Recipe

Honorable Mention:

Nina & Scott Ackerman, Club Pilates Darien Core(n) Chowder

Erica Jensen, Helen Ainson – Helen Ainson’s Chowder for a Crowd!

Becky Gallucci, Atria Darien – Atrias Awesome Clam Chowder

Carl Trautmann, Darien Neighbors & Irene Trautmann, William Pitt Sotheby’s –Family Seafood Chowda Bisque Recipe


Deane Rooms Ever Lasting

Event Host




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