Darien Lifestyle Magazine Editorial

Posted By Darien Admin / July 22, 2022 / News

A love for writing and supporting small businesses gave Laura Sabia the inspiration to create Greenwich Lifestyle Magazine. After the success of that, there was a clear need for a Darien/New Canaan edition, so it was created this past February. The community-focused and hyper local articles are there to inform residents about food, family, travel, fashion and culture.

“It’s about sharing the special stories” said Sabia.

The magazine is free to the community and goes to about 90% of all residents. Sabia and the rest of the team want small businesses in Fairfield County to gain exposure from the magazines. The team pumps out articles and social media content about travel tips, restaurants to try, places in town to style yourself, and much more. They interview people who work at businesses in the community and highlight the amazing work they are doing.

The July issue of Darien Lifestyle Magazine prompted someone to call Sabia in tears when they saw their business in print. It was a moment for Sabia where she really realized that her creation is having a real effect on the people of Fairfield County. That it is making a difference.

As for magazine expansion, that will come later, if at all. “Our goal is to be the best in the communities that we’re in,” Sabia said. “And just continue to grow in the local community.” They want to provide the best content possible and not spread themselves too thin. It is evident that the work the magazines are doing in the present is benefitting people all across Fairfield county, whether it be business owners or consumers of their content.

By Olivia Maniscalco