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Featured New Member – Crêpes Choupette

Posted By Noble House / June 9, 2022 / New Member Announcements

Welcome Crêpes Choupette!

Crêpes Choupette is bringing France to Darien. Chef and owner Adil Chokairy creates sweet and savory crêpes that are absolutely incredible and have the French flair that only a true Parisian can create. His crepes will instantly transport you to a romantic day strolling in France.

Growing up in Paris, chef Adil Chokairy’s favorite time of day was coming home after school to the sweet smell of his mom’s homemade crêpes. Our goal at Crêpes Choupette is to create those same memories for our customers. We aim to bring instant smiles after serving each and every crêpe and instilling a love for the simple French classic in everyone who steps foot into our store.