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Featured New Member – Darien Domestic Abuse Council

Posted By Noble House / June 6, 2022 / New Member Announcements

Welcome Darien Domestic Abuse Council!

Lighting the Path to Positive Relations since 2014! Hundreds of Darien residents have been victims of domestic violence and many more have gone unreported. Domestic abuse takes a physical and psychological toll on the victim and the family. The Darien Domestic Abuse Council is committed to promoting the education, awareness and prevention of domestic abuse in the community of Darien, CT.

As a non profit organization the nature of our activities is aimed to be charitable and educational. We provide education on domestic violence and on the services available to victims as well as their families through programs and events. We foster positive interpersonal relationships in the community and provide local families tools to resolve conflict during exigent stress-points in their lives.

You can make a difference by taking action today! Join the cause and attend upcoming meetings or donate to the Darien Domestic Abuse Council so we can continue providing the education and help needed to protect the people of Darien! / (917)-716-3150

Website –

Address – 32 Sedgwick Village Lane. Darien CT 06820