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Featured New Member – Savage Advocates LLC

Posted By Darien Admin / September 14, 2022 / New Member Announcements, News

Kit Savage is the founder of Savage Advocates LLC, providing educational consulting services to parents of children with disabilities & related disorders. Kit is a Certified Executive Functioning Coach, tutoring students with EF challenges due to Anxiety/ADHD/LD to reach their academic potential. She has lived in Darien for over 20 years and raised two children here. Kit learned early on that both her children needed intensive services to learn to read. Kit began a decade-long journey to train to be an expert in educational interventions for children with disabilities. As a non-attorney advocate, she is a professional with knowledge of special education laws and guidelines, general education curriculum and remedial interventions to guide parents as they negotiate the PPT process in the public schools.

In 2012, she organized the first independent support group in Darien that empowered parents to educate themselves about special education. Since 2018, Kit has worked with families across Connecticut, New York and since 2020, now nationally. She advises parents on the process of special education to secure their child's civil rights to an equitable education.

Kit Savage is a trauma informed practitioner providing Strategic Educational Planning, Special Education Advocacy, Executive Functioning Tutoring, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation. Kit is a certified teacher of yoga and mindfulness meditation.

As an Executive Functioning coach, Kit uses neuroscience proven interventions to improve student’s academic performance over time. Often, students up through college struggle to maintain their academics by initiating tasks, completing homework, the writing process and planning consistently. And as students age up in school, the demands on Executive Functioning skills are increasingly more complex for them. Kit advises parents on the holistic connections between academic performance, self esteem and effective interventions. She is passionate about the lasting, positive impact appropriate services can have on their child’s experiences in school. We are fortunate to have her here in Darien!

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