Going For Green-Photos and more!

Posted By Darien Admin / April 24, 2017 / News

April’s “Going For Green” event was a great success in every way! Hosted by the Darien Nature Center and sponsored by Darien Bank & Trust, Chamber friends and families gathered to celebrate our DHS Graphics Design Poster winners, plus, our chamber members that have made a special effort to “do good for our environment here in Darien and Connecticut.



2017 Green Business Award of Darien goes to The Gardener’s Center & Florist.

The Gardener’s Center and Florist is now a certified NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) accredited business selling a wide array of  certified organic plant care products and services. The Gardener’s Center is committed to removing all neonicotinoid and glyphosate products from their inventory. Neonicotinoids are a class of insecticide that have been proven harmful to pollinators. This includes many ready to use insecticide sprays from companies such as Bayer® and Ortho®. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in non-selective weed killers such as RoundUp® that has been proven harmful to humans. In addition, this strategy will work toward the goal of removing all chemical soil amendments and chemical plant care products entirely! We pride ourselves in being a knowledgable resource to help you grow a healthy garden and keep all those who enter it safe.

The Gardener’s Center & Florist has also changed every last lighting source in our store over to LED energy efficient fixtures. They are thrilled to have taken these steps toward creating a more sustainable business and changing our landscape for the better.

2017 Repurposing Business Award of Darien goes to SoNo Baking Company.

At Sono Baking Company… uses a majority of recycled “kraft” paper goods and delivery boxes and take- out boxes which reduce the waste water to our oceans reducing unnecessary bleaching which eventually ends up in the sea. SoNo  is  very conscious of using our flour sacks as a delivery bag to cut down on waste and it also advertises our high quality flour we use. They are purchasing a diesel truck which is much more fuel efficient then common gasoline and the waste grease is made into soap and distributed to third world countries according to SoNo’s supplier. In addition, SoNo Baking works to use biodegradable soaps and despite all regulations,  uses minimal amounts of chemicals in our production facilities which drastically cuts down on harsh chemicals going back out into the environment.

2017 Green Non-Profit Award of Darien goes to the Boy Scouts of Darien.

Boy Scouts Tag Sale: Darien’s largest effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle; annually collecting, sorting, selling, and recycling over 48,000 lbs of the community’s “clutter” for reuse by the Tag Sales 2,000+ customers and over 30 charities! This annual event is an amazing achievement for our town. The many volunteers, contributors and purchasers need to be thanked for all they do to  support this Boy Scouts of Darien effort.


The Darien Chamber is very thankful to our event sponsor -Darien Bank & Trust for their generous support!