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Featured New Member: Kate Stone College Consulting

Posted By Darien Admin / March 26, 2024 / New Member Announcements, News

About Us

Kate Stone, an NYU graduate and Princeton Teaching Fellow, has built her reputation helping students gain admission to elite and highly selective schools for over a decade.

She recently moved her company back home to Darien to make a positive and lasting impact on the community through college prep, college admissions, and job placement.

We don't just get you into college; we firmly place you on the path to a great life!

College Prep

Colleges now require more than good grades, extracurriculars, and volunteer work. The secret to captivating college admissions isn't just ticking off the usual boxes. We mentor students in creating personal narratives and achievements that go above and beyond, ensuring they shine in a sea of applicants.

Our all-inclusive service includes tutoring, test prep, and course selection fundamentals. However, our true value comes from helping students design personal projects and summer programs that are beyond what other students would consider.

This approach builds your child's professional and personal network, soft skills, and confidence necessary for success today.

College Admissions and Application Support

Our flagship offering provides white glove management of the entire college application process.

From student profile assessments and college list building to running the admissions numbers you can't find online and devising in-depth ED1, ED2, EA, and RD application strategies, we provide more in-depth strategies than any school counselor.

Your student will learn to tell their story, brand, and market themselves authentically. These skills, our students report, serve them long after graduation.

Guaranteed Job Placement

Do you worry your child might end up directionless and living back home after graduation? Finding great jobs after graduation has become more competitive than getting into college.

Our job placement services begin working with your child in college to get the best internships, work experiences, and professional relationships that lead to fulfilling employment. We guarantee job placement and ensure you have a 5-year career advancement plan once your new position is secured.

Get In Touch

We would love to chat about how we can help your child succeed.
Please reach out to schedule a free consultation or chat with a member of our team.