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Welcome Allergy Mom MD with Dr. Julie Sweeney

Posted By Darien Admin / January 13, 2023 / New Member Announcements, News

I’m Dr. Julie Sweeney, a pediatrician and mom that has been navigating food allergies with 3 kids for almost 15 years. I not only have the professional experience of caring for children with multiple allergic conditions, but I know first hand what it’s like to manage them daily. In my practice, I guide and support families managing food allergies and intolerances from diagnosis to treatment.

Located at 745 Boston Post Road, Darien. 203-309-6215.

Caring for an infant, child or teenager with food allergies can feel overwhelming. I will support you and your child no matter where you are on the journey. I will help you find the calm and confidence you need to keep your child happy and safe at home and out in the world.

In my practice, I add an integrative medicine approach to your child’s care. I help families better understand their child’s diagnosis and treatment plan. We discuss nutrition, mindset and lifestyle. Each family has specific challenges and we problem solve together.

Whether your infant was just diagnosed with food allergies or you are preparing your child for an oral food challenge, I can’t wait to help you feel less anxious and more empowered.


  • How to talk to your child/family about food allergies
  • Worries about introducing new foods/restricted diets
  • The signs of anaphylaxis in infants and children
  • How and when to use the epinephrine autoinjector confidently
  • Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES)
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)
  • Preparing your child for skin testing, blood testing & oral food challenges
  • Treatment options: Avoidance vs. Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)
  • Allergy Action Plans and school 504 plans
  • How to help your child self-advocate
  • Food allergy prevention & early introduction of allergens
  • Training sessions for babysitters and family members are also offered


Dr. Julie offers Virtual Consultations to families in Connecticut and New York that are either not local to Darien or would prefer this type of appointment. When you book a virtual appointment, you will be sent a secure Zoom link.

Please contact the office with any questions.


Group Workshops and Training for Schools, Businesses and Community Groups.

Dr. Julie will discuss a variety of food allergy related topics including:

  • The impact of food allergies in schools and the community
  • Anaphylaxis and emergency medication training
  • Food allergy prevention