Destigmatizing the conversation around women’s health

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In honor of May being both Women’s Health Month and Pelvic Pain Awareness Month, Dr. Bronwyn Fitz and Jessica Klecki, DPT, are coming together to destigmatize the discussion around women’s health. With so many options and support systems available nowadays, you shouldn’t need to live with discomfort or feel limited to traditional medication or surgery. …

OsteoStrong Open House

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Come and join OsteoStrong Darien during the Darien Wellness Week for an open-house, including information on what OsteoStrong is, how it can help you see life-changing benefits in your day-to-day life, and Darien Wellness Week Promotions! Also, tune in to OsteoStrongs Facebook Live event @ 12:00 during their open house.

“Couch to Competition” Webinar Series: How to hit your stride this spring!

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A year without any running races was tough for many dedicated runners. That, coupled with a cold winter, has left many craving snow-free pavements and running in warmer weather. But now it’s time to get back on track. Join Britt Gunsser, DPT and Megan Searfoss as they present how to prepare your body for a …

“Couch to Competition” Webinar Series: Prep for CREW with us!

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Crew athletes experienced many limitations on the way the normally train due to the pandemic. Instead of practicing with their teammates on the water, they underwent isolated individual training at home and performed primarily land-based exercises. These issues of isolated and repetitive training on an ERG can lead to increased risk of injury and athlete …

“Couch to Competition” Webinar Series: Find the fault in your golf swing

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Are you a golfer who struggles to get through a round of 18 without any aches or pains? Or are you looking to improve your off-season training or mobility to prevent injuries and improve your game? Join Dr. Andrew Creighton and Benny Salanitro, DPT as they discuss three of the most common injuries found in …

“Couch to Competition” Webinar Series: Getting in the baseball zone

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Baseball season is right around the corner! To help you prep for the upcoming baseball season, Mike Semancik, DPT, and Brian Kuruc, DPT, are joined by Frank Alexander, MS, physician extender for the New York Yankees’ team physician. They explore the importance of appropriate build-up into the season, taking care of your body, optimizing performance …

“Couch to Competition” Webinar Series: Prep for LAX season with us!

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As a result of the pandemic, we’ve seen how a shortened or lacking pre-season can be a major risk factor for injury upon return to sport. This issue persists throughout all levels of athletics, but especially so in field sport athletes such as lacrosse players. In the first part of our webinar series, Shane Foley, …

Featured “New” Member – Performance Optimal Health

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When Performance first opened its doors, they were grounded in orthopedic and sports physical therapy. After years of serving the Darien community, Performance looks completely different. What once was a burgeoning physical therapy practice is now an innovative health care company with a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Performance expanded their mission from the …